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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT v
In fancied scenes, as in Life's real plan,
He could not for a moment sink the man :
Nature, in spite of all his skill, crept in;
Horatio, Dorax, Falstaff—still 'twas Quin."
—He was at Bath when Gainsborough settled there
In that house in the Circus which we know.—
I like the portrait much.—The brilliancy
Of Gainsborough lies in this his double sway :
Sovereign of landscape he ; of portraiture
Joint monarch with Sir Joshua. . . . Ah ?—that's—
Is that the patter of a horse's hoofs Along the road ?
WILTSHIRE I notice nothing, sir.
It is a gallop, growing quite distinct. And—can it be a messenger for me!
I hope no awkward European news To stop the honour of this visit, sir !
They listen. The gallop of the horse grows louder, and is checked at the door of the house. There is a hasty knocking, and a courier, splashed with mud from hard riding, is x shown into the gallery. He presents a dispatch to PITT, who > sits "< down and hurriedly opens it,
PITT (to himself)
0  heavy news indeed! . . . Disastrous; dire !
He appears overcome as he sits, and covers his forehead with his hand.
1  trust you are not ill, sir ?