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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE vi                   PART FIRST
PITT (after some moments)
Could I have A little brandy, sir, quick brought to me ?
WILTSHIRE In one brief minute.
Brandy is brought in, and PITT takes it.
Now leave me, please, alone.    I'll call anon. Is there a map of Europe handy here ?
WILTSHIRE fetches a map from the library, and spreads it before the minister.   WILTSHIRE, courier, and servant go out.
O God that I should live to see this day!
He remains awhile in a profound reverie;  then resumes the reading of the dispatch.
" Defeated—th£ Allies—quite overthrown
At Austerlitz—last week."—Where's Austerlitz ?
—But what avails it where the place is now;
What corpse is curious on the longitude
And situation of his cemetery! . . .
The Austrians and the Russians overcome,
That vast adventuring army is set free
To bend unhindered strength against our strand. . . .
So do my plans through all these plodding years
Announce them built in vain!
His heel on Europe, monarchies in chains
To France, I am as though I had never been!
He gloomily ponders the dispatch and the map some minutes longer.    At last he rises with difficulty, and rings the bell.
A servant enters.
Call up my carriage, please you, now at once; And tell your master I return to Bath This moment—I may want a little help In getting to the door here.
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