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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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vn                  PART FIRST
But such is meet in gallant dames like me, For now He nears!—after a three months' whirl Of victories won on fields whose homely names Had never swept the ear of mortal man Beyond the haunts of neighbour peasantry ; But, cymballed now by deathless deeds, become Familiar rhythms in remotest homes!
SPIRIT Rare !    To it again.    I could give heed all night.
Poor profit, then, to me from my true trade,
Wherein hot competition is so rife
Already, since these victories brought to town
So many foreign jobbers in my line,
That I'd best hold my tongue from praise of fame!
However, one is caught by popular zeal,
And though five midnights have not brought a sou,
I, too, chant Jubilate like the rest.—
In courtesies have haughty monarchs vied Towards the Conqueror! who, with men-at-arms One quarter theirs, has vanquished by his nerve Vast musterings four-hundred-thousand strong, And given new tactics to the art of war U nparalleled in Europe's history!
What man is this, whose might thou blazonest so— Who makes the earth to tremble, shakes old thrones^ And turns the plains to wilderness ?
Dost ask
As ignorant, yet asking can define ? What mean you, traveller ?