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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT
I am a stranger here,
A wandering wight, whose life has not been spent This side the globe, though I can speak the tongue.
Your air has truth in't; but your state is strange! Had I a husband he should tackle thee.
Dozens thou hast had—batches more than she Samaria knew, if now thou hast not one /
WOMAN Wilt take the situation from this hour ?
SPIRIT Thou know'st not what thy frailty asks, good dame !
Well, learn in small the Emperor's chronicle,
As gleaned from what my soldier-husbands say ;—
Some five-and-forty standards of his foes
Are brought to Paris, borne triumphantly
In proud procession through the surging streets,
Ever as brands of fame to shine aloft
In dim-lit senate-halls and city aisles.
Fair Munich sparkled with festivity As there awhile he tarried, and was met
By the gay Josephine your Empress here.__
There, too, Eugene—