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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE vn                   PART FIRST
WOMAN Napoleon's stepson he------
Received for gift the hand of fair Princess Augusta (daughter of Bavaria s crown, Forced from her plighted troth to Baden 5 heir), And, to complete his honouring, was hailed S^tccessor to the throne of Italy.
WOMAN How know you, ere this news has got abroad?
Channels have I the common people lack. There, on the nonce, the forenamed Baden prince Was joined to Stephanie Beauharnais, her Who stands as daughter to the man we wait, Some say as more.
They do?    Then such not I. Can revolution's dregs so soil thy soul That thou shouldst doubt the eldest son thereof ? 'Tis dangerous to insinuate nowadays!
Right!    Lady many-spoused, more charity
Upbrims in thee than in some loftier ones
Who would not  name  thee  with  their white-washed
Enough.    I am one whom, didst thou know my name, Thou wouldst not grudge a claim to speak his mind.
A thousand pardons, sir.