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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT vr
Resume thy tale If so thou wishesl.
WOMAN Nay, but you know best------
How laurelled progress through applauding crowds Have   marked  his journey  home.     How  Strasburg
Stuttgart, Carlsruhe, acclaimed him like the rest: How pageantry would here have welcomed him, Had not his speed outstript intelligence. ŚNow will a glimpse of him repay thee.    Hark !
Shouts arise and increase in the distance, announcing BONAPARTE'S approach.
Well, Buonopartt has revived by land, But not by sea.    On that thwart element Never will he incorporate his dream, And float as master !
What shall hinder him ?
SPIRIT That which has hereto.    England, so to say.
But she's in straits.    She's lost her Nelson now, (A worthy man : he loved a woman well!) George drools and babbles in a darkened room ; Her heaven-born Minister declines apace ; All smooths the Emperor's sway.