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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                 ACT
Namely: to put the knife in England* trade, And teach her treaty-manners—if he can !
I like not your queer knowledge, creepy man.
There's weirdness in your air.    I'd call you ghost
Had not the Goddess Reason laid all such
Past Mother Church's cunning to restore.
__Adieu.    I'll not be yours to-night.    I'd starve first !
She withdraws.    The crowd wastes away, and the Spirit vanishes.
PITT'S bedchamber,' from the landing without. It is afternoon. At the back of the room as seen through the doorway is a curtained bed, beside which a woman sits, trie LADY HESTER STANHOPE. Bending over a table at the front of the room is SIR WALTER FARQUHAR, the physician. PARSLOW the footman and another servant are near the door.
TOMLINE, Bishop of Lincoln, enters.
FARQUHAR (in a subdued voice)
I grieve to call your lordship up again,
But symptoms lately have disclosed themselves
That mean the knell to the frail life in him.
And whatsoever things of gravity
It may be needful to communicate,
Let them be spoken now.    Time may not serve
If they be much delayed.