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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT vi
When I said " East," he answered "That is well! Those are the breezes that will speed him home! So cling his heart-strings to his country's cause.
I fear that Wellesley's visit here by now
Strung him to tensest strain.    He quite broke down,
And has fast faded since.
Ah! now he wakes.
Please come and speak to him as you would wish
(to TOMUNE).
LADY HESTER, TOMLINE, and FARQUHAR retire behind the bed, wherein a short time voices are heard in prayer. Afterwards the Bishop goes to a writing-table, and LADY HESTER comes to the doorway. Steps are heard on the stairs, and PITT'S friend ROSE, the President of the Board of Trade, appears on the landing and makes inquiries.
LADY HESTER (whispering)
He wills the wardenry of his affairs
To his old friend the Bishop.    But his words
Bespeak too much anxiety for me,
And underrate his services so far
That he has doubts if his high deeds deserve
Such size of recognition by the State
As would award slim pensions to his kin.
He had been fain to write down his intents,
But the quill dropped from his unmuscled hand.
Now his friend Tomline pens what he dictates
And gleans the lippings of his last desires.
ROSE and LADY HESTER turn. They see the Bishop bending over the bed with a sheet of paper on which he has previously been writing. A little later he dips a quill and holds it within the bed-curtain, spreading the paper beneath. A thin white hand emerges from behind the curtain and signs the paper. The Bishop beckons torward the two servants, who also sign.
FARQUHAR on one side of the bed, and TOMLINE on the other,