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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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vm                  PART FIRST
are spoken to by the dying man.    The Bishop afterwards withdraws from the bed and comes to the landing where the others are.
A list of his directions has been drawn, And feeling somewhat more at mental ease He asks Sir Walter if he has long to live. Farquhar just answered, in a soothing tone, That hope still frailly breathed recovery. At this my dear friend smiled and shook his head, As if to say : " I can translate your words, But I reproach not friendship's lullabies."
Rest he required ; and rest was not for him. FARQUHAR comes forward as they wait.
His spell of concentration on these things, Determined now, that long have wasted him, Have left him in a numbing lethargy, From which I fear he may not rouse to strength For speech with earth again.
But hark.    He does. They listen.
PITT My country!    How I leave my country ! . . .
Immense the matter those poor words contain!