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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE i                   PART SECOND
I am.    It is, in brief, no more nor less Than means to mitigate and even end These welfare-wasting wars ; ay, usher in A painless spell of peace.
Prithee speak on. No statesman can desire it more than I.
GEVRILLI&RE (looking to see that the door is shut)
No nation, sir, can live its natural life,
Or think its thoughts in these days unassailed,
No crown-capt head enjoy tranquillity.
The fount of such high spring-tide of disorder,
Fevered disquietude, and forceful death,
Is One,—a single man.    He—need I name?—
The ruler is of France.
Well, in the past
I fear that it has looked so.    But we see Good reason still to hope that broadening views, Politer wisdom, now is helping him To saner guidance of his arrogant car.
The generous hope will never be fulfilled! Ceasing to bluff, then ceases he to be. None sees that written largelier than himself.
Then what may be the valued revelation That you can unlock in such circumstance ?