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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT
Sir, I incline to spell you as a spy, And not the honest help for honest men You gave you out to be!
I beg you, sir,
To spare me that suspicion.    Never a thought Could be more groundless.    Solemnly I vow That notwithstanding what his signals show The Emperor of France is as I say. Yet bring I good assurance, and declare A medicine for all bruised Europe's sores!
Fox (impatiently)
Well, parley to the point, for I confess
No new negotiation do I note
That you can open up to work such cure.
To speak then to the point permit me, sir :
The sovereign remedy for an ill effect
Is the extinction of its evil cause.
Safely and surely how to compass this
I have the weighty honour to disclose,
Certain immunities being guaranteed
By those your power can influence, and yourself.
Fox (astonished) Assassination ?
I care not for names! A deed's true name is as its purpose is. The lexicon of Liberty and Peace Defines not this deed as assassination; Though maybe it is writ so in the tongue Of courts and universal tyranny.