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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE i                   PART SECOND
Why brought you this proposal here to me ?
My knowledge of your love of things humane,
Things free, things fair, of truth, of tolerance,
Right, justice, national felicity,
Prompted belief and hope in such a man!
The matter is by now well forwarded,
A house at Plassy hired as pivot-point
From which the sanct intention can be worked,
And soon made certain.    To our good allies
No risk attaches ; merely to ourselves.
Fox (touching a private bell)
Sir, your unconscienced hardihood confounds me, And your mind's measure of my character Insults it sorely.    By your late-sent lines Of specious import, by your bland address, I have been led to prattle hopefully With a cut-throat confessed!
The head constable-and the secretary enter at the same moment
Ere worse befall,
Sir, up and get you gone most dexterously ! Conduct'this man ; lose never sight of him  .
(to the officer)
Till*haled aboard some anchor-weighing craft Bound to remotest coasts from us and France.
GEVRILLI&RE (unmoved)
How you may handle me concerns me little. The project will as roundly ripe itself Without as with me.    Trusty souls remain, Though my far bones bleach white on austral shores! I thank you for the audience.    Long ere this