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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE ii                 PART SECOND
" To which great end the Treaty of Amiens must be the ground-work of our amities'"
From London then: " The path to amity the King of England studies to pursue ;
" With Russia hand in hand he is yours to close the long convulsions thrilling Europe through"'
Still fare the shadowy missioners across, by Dover-road and Calais Channel-track,
From Thames-side towers to Paris palace-gates ; from Paris leisurely to London back.
Till thus speaks France : " Much grief it gives us that, being pledged to treat, one Emperor with one King,
" You yet have struck a jarring counternote and tone £hat keys not with suck promising.
" In these last words, then, of this pregnant parle; I trust I may persuade your Excellency
" That in no circumstance, on no pretence, a party to our pact can Russia be" 189