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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT i
Fortunately for the manufacture of corpses by machinery Napoleon sticks to this vetoy and so wards off the awkward catastrophe of a general peace descending upon Europe. Now England.
RUMOURS (continuing)
Thereon speeds down through Kent and Picardy, evenly as some southing sky-birds shade : 
61 We gather not from your Imperial lines a reason why our words should be reweighed.
4< We hold to Russia not as our ally that is to be : she stands f^tll-plighted so ;
" Thus trembles peace upon this balance-point: will you that Russia be let in or no ? "
Then France rolls out rough words across the strait : " To treat with you confederate with the Tsar,
" Presumes us sunk in sloughs of shamefulness from which we yet stand gloriously afar !   ,
" The English army must be Flanders-fed, and entering Picardy with pompous prance, 190