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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE in               PART SECOND
Hereto of one tradition, interest, hope—
In calling lord this rank adventurer,
Wholl thrust them as a sword against ourselves.—
Surely Great Frederick sweats within his tomb!
Well, we awake, though we have slumbered long, And She is sent by Heaven to kindle us.
The QUEEN approaches to pass back again with her suite.    The vociferous applause is repeated.    They regard her as she nears.
To cry her Amazon, a blusterer,
A brazen comrade of the bold dragoons
Whose uniform she dons !    Her, whose each act
Shows but a mettled modest woman's zeal,
Without a hazard of her dignity
Or moment's sacrifice of seemliness,
To fend off ill from home!
The tidings fly that Russian Alexander Declines with emphasis to ratify The pact of his ambassador with France, And that the offer made the English King To compensate the latter at our cost Has not been taken.
And it never will be! Thus evil does not always flourish, faith. Throw down the gage while God is fair to us ; He may be foul anon !                              (A pause.)
FIFTH CITIZEN (entering)
Our ambassador Lucchesini. is already leaving Paris. He could stand the Emperor no longer, so the Emperor said he could not stand Lucchesini. Knobels-dorf, who takes his place, has decided to order his