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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT i
dose to the latter, are the Prussians under TAUENZIEN ; and away on their right rear towards Weimar the bulk of the army under PRINCE HOHENLOHE. The DUKE OF BRUNSWICK (father of the Princess of Wales) is twelve miles off with his force at Auerstadt, in the valley of the Ilm.
Enter NAPOLEON, and men bearing torches who escort him. He moves along the front of his troops, and is lost to view behind the mist and surrounding objects. But his voice is audible.
Keep you good guard against their cavalry, In past repute the formidablest known, And such it may be now; so asks our heed. Receive it, then, in square, unflinchingly. Remember, men, last year you captured Ulm, So make no doubt that you will vanquish these!
SOLDIERS Long live the Emperor!    Advance, advance!
Nay, caution, men!    'Tis mine to time your deeds By light of long experience : yours to do them.
Almost immediately glimpses reveal that LANNES' corps is moving forward, and amid an unbroken clatter of firelocks spreads out further and wider upon the stretch of country in front of the Land-grafenberg. The Prussians, surprised at discerning in the fog such masses of the enemy close at hand, recede towards the Ilm. *
From PRINCE HOHENLOHE, who is with the body of the Prussians on the Weimar road to the south, comes perspiring the bulk of the infantry to rally the retreating regiments of TAUENZIEN, and he hastens up himself with the cavalry and artillery. The action is renewed between him and NEY as the clocks of Jena strike ten.
But AUGEREAU is seen coming to NEY^S assistance on one flank of the Prussians, SOULT bearing down on the other, while NAPOLEON on the Landgrafenberg orders the Imperial Guard to advance. The doomed Prussians are driven back, this tune more decisively, falling in great numbers and losing many as prisoners as they reel down the sloping land towards the banks of the Ilm behind them.