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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT r
SECOND SUBALTERN No doubt because the races are both Teutonic.
The spies observe that they are noticed, and disappear in the crowd. The curtain drops.
The midsummer sun is low, and a long table in the aforeshown apartment is laid out for a dinner, among the decorations being bunches of the season's roses.
At the vacant end of the room (divided from the dining end by folding-doors, now open) there are discovered the EMPEROR NAPOLEON, the GRAND-DUKE CONSTANTINE, PRINCE HENRY OF PRUSSIA, the PRINCE ROYAL OF BAVARIA, the GRAND DUKE OF BERG, and attendant officers.
Enter the TSAR ALEXANDER. NAPOLEON welcomes him, and the twain move apart from the rest, BONAPARTE placing a chair for his visitor and flinging himself down on another.
The comforts I can offer are not great, Nor is the accommodation more than scant That falls to me for hospitality; But, as it is, accept
It serves me well.
And to unbrace the bandages of state Is as clear air to incense-stifled souls. What of the Queen ?
She's coming with the King. We have some quarter-hour to spare or more Before their Majesties are timed for us.