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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT
ALEXANDER (reddening ingenuously)
Yes. . . . Formerly
I hadódid feel that some faint fascination Vaguely adorned her form.    And, to be plain, Certain reports have been calumnious, And wronged an honest woman.
As I knew!
But she is wearing thready : why, her years Must be full one-and-thirty, if she's one.
ALEXANDER (quickly)
No, sire.    She's twenty-nine.    If traits teach more
It means that cruel memory gnaws at her
As fair inciter to that fatal war
Which broke her to the dust! ... I do confess
(Since now we speak on't) that this sacrifice
Prussia is doomed to, still disquiets me.
Unhappy King!    When I recall the oaths
Sworn him upon great Frederick's sepulchre,
Andóand my promises to his sad Queen,
It pricks me that his realm and revenues
Should be stript down to the mere half they were!
NAPOLEON (coolly)
Believe me, 'tis but my regard for you
Which lets me leave him that!    Far easier 'twere
To leave him none at all.
[He rises and goes to the window.
But here they are.
No; it's the Queen alone, with Berthier As I directed.    Then the King will follow.
Let me, sire, urge your courtesy to bestow Some gentle words on her.,