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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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in              PART SECOND
Ay, ay; I will.
Enter QUEEN LOUISA OF PRUSSIA on the arm of BERTHIER. She appears in majestic garments and with a smile on her lips, so that her still great beauty is impressive. But her eyes bear traces of tears. She accepts NAPOLEON'S attentions with the stormily sad air of a, wounded beauty. Whilst she is being received the KING arrives. He is a plain, shy, honest-faced, awkward man, with a wrecked and solitary look. His manner to NAPOLEON is, nevertheless, dignified, and even stiff.
The company move into the inner half of the room, where the tables are, and the folding-doors being shut, they seat themselves at dinner, the QUEEN taking a place between NAPOLEON and ALEXANDER.
Madame, I love magnificent attire ; But in the present instance can but note That each bright knot and jewel less adorns The brighter wearer than the wearer it!
QUEEN (with a sigh)
You praise one, sire, whom now the wanton world Has learnt to cease from praising!    But such words From such a quarter are of worth, no less.
Of worth as candour, madame ; not as gauge. Your reach in rarity outsoars my scope. Yet, do you know, a troop of my hussars, Tht last October day, nigh captured you ?
QUEEN Nay!    Never a single Frenchman did I see.
Not less it was that you exposed yourself, And should have been protected.    But at Weimar, Had you but sought me, 'twould have bettered you,