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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE vin               PART SECOND
ALEXANDER (in a low voice, looking anxiously at her)
Say not so.
You speak as all were lost.    Things are not thus! Such desperation has unreason in it, And bleeds the hearts that crave to comfort you.
NAPOLEON (to the King)
I trust the treaty, further pondered, sire, Has consolations ?
KING (curtly)
I am a luckless man;
And muster strength to bear my lucklessness Without vain hope of consolations now. One thing, at least, I trust I have shown you, sire, That / provoked not this calamity ! At Anspach first my feud with you began— Anspach, my Eden, violated and shamed By blushless tramplings of your legions there!
NAPOLEON It's rather late, methinks, to talk thus now.
KING (with more choler) Never too late for truth and plainspeaking!
NAPOLEON (blandly)
To*your ally, the Tsar, I must refer you.
He was it, and not I, who tempted you
To push for war, when Eylau must have shown
Your every profit to have lain in peace.—
He can indemn; yes, much or small; and may.
KING (with a head-shake)
I would make up, would well make up, my mind To half my kingdom's loss, could in such limb