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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT
But Magdeburg not He.    Dear Magdeburg, Place of my heart-hold ; that I would retain!
Our words take not such pattern as is wont To grace occasions of festivity.
[He turns brusquely from the King.
The banquet proceeds with a more general conversation. When finished a toast is proposed: " The Freedom of the Seas," and drunk with enthusiasm.
Another hit at England and her tubs ! I hear harsh echoes from her chalky chines.
O heed not England now /    Still read the Queen. One grieves to see her spend her pretty spells Upon the man who has so injured her.
They rise from table, and the folding-doors being opened they pass into the adjoining part of the room.
Here are now assembled MURAT, TALLEYRAND, KOURAKIN, KALKREUTH, BERTHIER, BESSI&RES, CAULAINCOURT, LABANOFF, BENNIGSEN, and others. NAPOLEON having spoken a few words here and there resumes his conversation with QUEEN LOUISA, and parenthetically offers snuff to the COUNTESS Voss, her lady-in-waiting. TALLEYRAND, who has observed NAPOLEON'S growing interest in the QUEEN, contrives to get near him.
TALLEYRAND (in a whisper)
Sire, is it possible that you can bend To let one woman's fairness filch from you All the resplendent fortune that attends The grandest victory of your grand career ?
The QUEEN'S quick eye observes and flashes at the whisper, and she obtains a word with the minister.