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F, viir               PART SECOND
NAPOLEON (aside to his minister)
My God, it was touch-and-go that time, Talleyrand! She was within an ace of getting over me. As she stepped into the carriage she said in her pretty way, "Of have been cruelly deceived by you!" And when she sank down inside, not knowing I heard, she burst into sobs fit to move a statue. The Devil take *:ie if I hadn't a good mind to stop the horses, jump in, give her a good kissing, and agree to all she wanted. Ha-ha, well; a miss is as good as a mile. Had she come sooner with those sweet, beseeching blue eyes of hers, who knows what might not have happened! But she didn't come sooner, and I have kept in my right mind.
The RUSSIAN EMPEROR, the KING OF PRUSSIA, and other guests advance to bid adieu. They depart severally. When they are gone NAPOL&ON turns to TALLEYRAND.
Adhere, then, to the treaty as it stands: Change not therein a single article, But write it fair forthwith.
[Exeunt NAPOLKON, TALLEYRAND, and other ministers and officers in
Some surly voice afar I heard by now Of an enisled Britannic quality ; Wots any of the cause ?
Perchance I do /
Britain is roused, in her slow* stolid style, By Bonaparte s pronouncement at Berlin Against her cargoes, commerce, life itself; And now from out tier watery citadel Bloivs counterblasting ** Orders'"    Rumours tell.