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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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I hold seven thousand men to cover us, And ships in Cadiz port    But then  the Prince Flatly declines to go.    He lauds the French As true deliverers.
Go Fernando must \ .  .
0 my sweet friend, that we  our sole two selves  Could but escape and leave the rest to fate,
And in a western bower dream out our days !  For the King's glass can run but briefly now, Shattered and shaken as his vigour is,  But ah  your love burns not in singleness ! Why, dear, caress josefa Tudo still? She does not solve her soul in yours as I. And why those others even more than her ? . . . How little own I in thee !
Such must be.
1  cannot quite forsake them.    Don't forget The same scope has been yours in former years,
Yes, Love ;   I know.     I yield !   You cannot leave
nhem ;
But if you ever would bethink yourself How long I have been yours, how truly all Those otner pleasures were my desperate shifts To soften sorrow at your absences, You would be faithful to me !
True, my dear.  229