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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE ii                  PART SECOND
GODOY (kissing her)
The first thought now is how to get you back Within the Palace walls.    Why would you risk To come here on a night so critical ?
QUEEN (passionately)
F could not help it—nay, I would not help ! Rather than starve my soul I venture all.— Our last love-night—last, maybe, of long years, Why do you chide me now ?
Dear Queen, I do not:
I shape these sharp regrets but for your sake. Hence you must go, somehow, and quickly too. They think not yet of you in threatening thus, But of me solely. . . . Where does your lady wait ?
Below.    One servant with her.    They are true, And can be let know all.    But you—but you !
(Uproar continues.)
I can escape.    Now call them.    All three cloak And veil as when you came.
They retreat into the room. QUEEN MARIA LUISA'S lady-in-waiting and servant are summoned. Enter both. All three then muffle themselves up, and GODOY prepares to conduct the QUEEN downstairs.
Nay, now!    I will not have it.    We are safe ; Think of yourself.    Can you get out behind ?