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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT n
JOSEFA (putting her head out of the coach)
Silence their uproar, please, Senor Count of Montijo! It is a lady only, the Countess of Cas-tillofiel
Let her pass, let her pass, friends ! It is only that pretty wench of his, Pepa Tudo, who calls herself a Countess. Our titles are put to comical uses in these days. We shall catch the cock-bird presently!
CROWD (to each other)
The King and Queen and Fernando are at their own Palaceónot here!
The DOI^A JOSEFA'S carriage is allowed to pass on, as a shout from some who have remained before the Royal Palace attracts the attention of the multitude, which surges back thither.
CROWD (nearing the Palace)
Call out the King and the Prince. Long live the King! He shall not go. Hola! He is gone! Let us see him! He shall abandon Godoy!
The clamour before the Royal Palace still increasing, a figure emerges upon a balcony, whom GODOY recognizes by the lamplight to be FERNANDO, Prince of Asturias. He can be seen waving his hand. The mob grows suddenly silent.
FERNANDO (in a shaken voice)
Citizens! the King my father is in the palace with the Queen. He has been much tried to-day.
Promise, Prince, that he shall not leave us. Promise!