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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE ri                  PART SECOND
I do. I promise in his name. He has mistaken you, thinking you wanted his head. He knows better now.
The villain Godoy misrepresented us to him! Throw out the Prince of the Peace!
FERNANDO He is not here, my friends.
Then the King shall announce to us that he has dismissed him! Let us see him. The King; the King!
FERNANDO goes in. KING CARLOS comes out reluctantly, and bows to their cheering. He produces a paper with a trembling hand.
KING (reading) " As it is the wish of the people------"
CROWD Speak up, your Majesty!
KING- (more loudly)
-'As it is the wish of the people, I release Don Manuel Godoy, Prince of the Peace, from the posts of Generalissimo of the Army and Grand Admiral of the Fleet, and give him leave to with-draw whither he pleases."
Huzza. \    Though it's mildly put.    Huzza!