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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT n
Citizens, to-morrow the decree is to be posted in Madrid.
Huzza! Long life to the King, and death to Godoy!
KING CARLOS disappears from the balcony, and the populace, still increasing in numbers, look towards GODOV'S mansion, as if deliberating how to attack it. GODOY retreats from the window into the room, and gazing round him starts. A pale, worn, but placid lady, in a sombre though elegant robe, stands here in the gloom. She is THEREZA OF BOURBON, the Princess of Peace.
It is only your unhappy wife, Manuel. She will not hurt you!
GODOY (shrugging his shoulders)
Nor will they hurt you \ Why did you not stay in the Royal Palace ? You would have been more comfortable there.
I don't recognize why you should specially value my comfort. You have saved your real wives. How can it matter what happens to your titular one ?
Much, dear. I always play fair. But it being your blest privilege not to need my saving I was left free to practise it on those who did. (Mob heard approaching.) Would that I were in no more danger than you!