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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT n
Common misfortune makes us more than kin. No single hair of yours shall suffer harm.
The PRINCESS bows.
But this, Sefiora, is no place for you,
For we mean mischief here!    Yet first will cede
Safe conduct for you to the Palace gates,
Or elsewhere, as you wish.
My wish is nought. Do what you will with me.    But he's not here.
Several of them form an escort, and accompany her from the room and out of the house. Those remaining, now a great throng, begin searching the room, and in bands invade other parts of the mansion.
SOME CITIZENS (returning)
It is no use searching.    She said he was not here, and she's a woman of honour.
FIRST CITIZEN (drily) She's his wife. They leave the room for another search, but return still baffled.
He must have slipped out somehow!     Smash his nicknacks, since we can't smash him.
They begin knocking the furniture to pieces, tearing down the hangings, trampling on the musical instruments, and kicking holes through the paintings they have unhung from the walls. These, with clocks, vases, carvings, and other movables, they throw out of. the window, till the chamber is a scene of utter wreck and desolation. In the rout a musical box is swept off a table, and starts playing a serenade as it falls on the floor.
Enter the COUNT OF MONTIJO. 238