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in               PART SECOND
PRINCE OF WALES, the PRINCES OF FRANCE, and the PRINCESS CASTEUSICALA, and returns to the room with them,
LADY SALISBURY (to the Prince of Wales)
I am sorry to say, sir, that the Spanish Patriots are not yet arrived* I doubt not but that they have been delayed by their ignorance of the town, and will soon be here,
No hurry whatever, my dear hostess. Gad, we've enough to talk about! I understand that the arrangement between our ministers and these noblemen will include the liberation of Spanish prisoners in this country, and the providing *em with arms, to go back and fight for their independence.
It will be a blessed event if they do check the career of this infamous Corsican. I have just heard that that poor foreigner Guillet de la Gevrilli&re, who proposed to Mr. Fox to assassinate him, died a miserable death a few days ago in the Bicetre—probably by torture, though nobody knows. Really one almost wishes Mr* Fox had------. O here they are!
Enter the Spanish Viscount de MATEROSA and DON DIEGO de la VEGA. They are introduced by CAPTAIN HILL and Mr. BAGOT, who escort them. LADY SALISBURY presents them to the PRINCE and others*
By Gad, Viscount, we were just talking of 'ee. You have had some adventures in getting to this country ?
MATEROSA (assisted by Bagot as interpreter)
Sir, it has indeed been a trying experience for us.
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