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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT n
But here we are, impressed by a deep sense of gratitude for the signal marks of attachment your country shows us.
PRINCE OF WALES You represent, practically, the Spanish people ?
We are immediately deputed, sir,
By the Assembly of Asturias,
More sailing soon from other provinces.
We bring official writings, charging us
To clinch and solder Treaties with this realm
That may promote our cause against the foe.
Nextly a letter to your gracious King ;
Also a Proclamation, soon to sound
And swell the pulse of the Peninsula,
Declaring that the act by which King Carlos
And his son Prince Fernando cede the throne
To whomsoever Napoldon may appoint,
Being an act of cheatery, not of choice,
Unfetters us from our allegiant oath.
The usurpation began, I suppose, with the divisions in the Royal Family ?
Yes, madam, and the protection they foolishly requested from the Emperor; and their timid intent of flying secretly helped it on. It was an opportunity he had been awaiting for years.
All brought about by this man Godoy, Prince of Peace!