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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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n                PART SECOND
You He low with your picking off, or he may pick off you! Thank God the babies are gone. Maybe we shan't be noticed, if we've but the courage to do nothing, and keep hid.
NAPOLEON dismounts, approaches the fire, and looks around.
NAPOLEON Another of their dead horses here, I see.
Yes, sire.    We have counted eighteen hundred odd From Benavente hither, pistoled thus. Some we'd to finish for them : headlong haste Spared them no time for mercy to their brutes. One-half their cavalry now tramps afoot.
NAPOLEON And what's the tale of waggons we've picked up ?
Spanish and all abandoned, some four hundred ; Of magazines and firelocks, full ten load ; And stragglers and their girls a numerous crew
Ay, devil  plenty those !    Licentious ones These English, as all canting peoples are.  And prisoners ?
Seven hundred English, sire ; Spaniards five thousand more.