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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE n                  PART SECOND
Now as to hostile signs in Austria. . . . (He breaks another seal and reads)
Ah,—swords to cross with her some day in spring! Thinking me cornered over here in Spain She^speaks without disguise, the covert pact 'Twixt her and England owning now quite frankly, Careless how works its knowledge upon me. She, England, Germany: well—I can front them! That there is no sufficient force of French Between the Elbe and Rhine to prostrate her, Let new and terrible experience Soon disillude her of!    Yea ; she may arm : The opportunity she late let slip Will not subserve her now!
Has he no heart-hints that this Austrian court, Whereon his mood takes mould so masterful, Is rearing nawely in its nursery-room A fitture wife for him ?
Thou dost but guess it> And how should his heart know ?
NAPOLEON (opening and reading another dispatch)
Now eastward.    Ohe!—
The Orient likewise looms full sombrely. . . . The Turk declines pacifically to yield What I have promised Alexander.    Ah! . , . As for Constantinople being his prize I'll see him frozen first.    His flight's too high! And showing that I think so makes him cool.
Is Soult the Duke Dalmatia yet at hand?