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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT m
He has arrived along the Leon road Just now, your Majesty; and only waits The close of your perusals.
Enter SOULT, who is greeted by NAPOLEON.
Good Lord deliver us from all great men, and take me back again to humble life! That's Marshal Soult the Duke of Dalmatia!
The Duke of Damnation for our poor rear, by the look on't!
Yes—he'll make ?em rub their poor rears before he has done with 'em! But we must overtake 'em tomorrow by a cross-cut, please God!
NAPOLEON (pointing to the dispatches)
Here's matter enough for me, Duke, and to spare. The ominous contents are like the threats The ancient prophets dealt rebellious Judah! Austria we soon shall have upon our hands, And England still is fierce for fighting on,— Strange humour in a concord-loving land! So now I must to Paris straight away— At least, to Valladolid ; so as to stand More apt for couriers than I do out here In this far western corner, and to mark The veerings of these new developments, And blow a counter-breeze. . . .
Then, too, there's Lannes, still sweating at the siege Of sullen Zaragoza as 'twere hell.