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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE m                 PART SECOND
" Remember Egypt." Ay, and I do, for I was there ! . . . Upon my salvation, here!s for back again, whether or no!
But here. "Forty-second, remember Egypt," he said In the very eye of that French battery playing through us. And the next omen was that he was struck off his horse, and fell on his back to the ground. I remembered Egypt, and what had just happened too, so thorough well that I remembered the way over this wall!—Captain Hardinge, who was close to him, jumped off his horse, and he and one in the ranks lifted him, and are now bringing him along.
Nevertheless, here's for back again, come what will. Remember Egypt! Hurrah!
[Exit First Straggler.
Second Straggler ponders, then suddenly follows First    Enter COLONEL ANDERSON and others hastily.
AN OFFICER Now fetch a blanket.    He must be carried in.
That means we are gaining ground!    Had fate but
This last blow undecreed, the hour had shone A star amid these girdling days of gloom!
Enter in the obscurity six soldiers of the Forty-second bearing SIR JOHN MOORE on their joined hands. CAPTAIN HARDINGE walks beside and steadies him. He is temporarily laid down in the
273                                   T