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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT m
shelter of a wall, his left shoulder being pounded away, the arm dangling by a shred of flesh.
The wound is more than serious, Woodford, far. Ride for a surgeon—one of those, perhaps, Who tend Sir David Baird ?    (Exit Captain Woodford) His blood throbs forth so fast, that I've dark fears He'll drain to death ere anything can be done!
HARDINGE Til try to staunch it—since no skill's in call.
(He takes off his sash and endeavours to bind the wound with it. MOORE smiles and shakes his head.)
There's not much checking it!    The rent's too gross. A dozen lives could pass that thoroughfare!
Enter a soldier with a blanket. They lift MOORE into it During the operation the pommel of his sword, which he still wears, is accidentally thrust into the wound.
I'll loose the sword—it bruises you, Sir John.
[He begins to unbuckle it.
No.    Let it be!    One hurt more matters not. I wish it to go off the field with me.
I like the sound of that.    It augurs well For your much-hoped recovery.
MOORE (looking sadly at his wound)
Hardinge, no :
Nature is nonplussed there!    My shoulder's gone, And this left side laid open to my lungs.