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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE m                  PART SECOND
MOORE That's good!    Is Paget anywhere about?
He's at the front, Sir John.
Remembrance to him!
Enter two surgeons.
Ah, doctors,—you can scarcely mend up me.— And yet I feel so tough—I have feverish fears My dying will waste a long and tedious while; But not too long, I hope!
SURGEONS (after a hasty examination)
You must be borne In to your lodgings instantly, Sir John. Please strive to stand the motion—if you can ; They will keep step, and bear you steadily.
MOORE Anything. . . . Surely fainter ebbs that fire ?
Yes : we must be advancing everywhere : Colbert their General, too, they have lost, I learn.
They lift him by stretching their sashes under the blanket, and begin moving off.    A light waggon enters.
Who's in that waggon ?