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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT m
Several were landed dead, and many died As they were borne along.    At Portsmouth, too, Sir David Baird, still helpless from his wound, Was carried in a cot, sheet-pale and thin, And Sir John Hope, lank as a skeleton.— Thereto is added, with authority, That a new expedition soon will fit, And start again for Spain.
I have heard as much.
CITIZEN You'll do it next time, sir.    And so shall we !
SECOND CITIZEN (regarding the church tower opposite)
You witnessed the High Service over there They held this morning ?    (To the Englishman.)
Ay ; I did get in ;
Though not without hard striving, such the throng; But travellers roam to waste who shyly roam And I pushed like the rest.
Our young Archduchess Maria Louisa was, they tell me, present ?
O yes : the whole Imperial family, And when the Bishop called all blessings down Upon the Landwehr colours there displayed, Enthusiasm touched the sky—she sharing it.