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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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Commendable in her, and spirited,
After the graceless insults to the Court
The Paris journals flaunt  not voluntarily,
But by his ordering.    Magician-like
He holds them in his fist, and at his squeeze
They bubble what he wills ! . . . Yes, she's a girl
Of patriotic build, and hates the French.
Quite lately she was overheard to say
She had met with most convincing auguries
That this year Bonaparte was starred to die.
ENGLISHMAN Your arms must render its fulfilment sure.
Right !    And we have the opportunity,
By upping to the war in suddenness,
And catching him unaware.    The pink and flower
Of all his veteran troops are now in Spain
Fully engaged with yours ; while those he holds
In Germany are scattered far and wide.
FIRST CITIZEN (looking up again from his newspaper)
I se here that he vows and guarantees Inviolate bounds to all our territories If we but pledge to carry out forthwith A prompt disarmament.    Since that's his price Hell burn his guarantees !    Too long he has fooled us. (To the Englishman) I drink, sir, to your land's consistency. While we and all the kindred Europe States Alternately have wooed and warred with him, You have not bent to blowing hot and cold, But held you sturdily inimical !