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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE:                  PART SECOND
Schwarzenberg, who was negotiating there last winter. My father says it would be a dreadful misfortune for our country if they were to marry. Though if we are to be exiled I don't see how anything of that sort can matter much. . . , I hope my father is safe!
An officer of the escort rides up to the carriage window, which is opened.
EMPRESS (unclosing her eyes) Any more misfortunes ?
A rumour is a-wind, your Majesty, That the French host, the Emperor in its midst, Lannes, Massena, and Bessieres in its van, Advancing hither along the Ratisbon road, Has seized the castle and town of Ebersberg, And burnt all down, with frightful massacre, Vast heaps of dead and wounded being consumed, So that the streets stink strong with frizzled flesh,— The enemy, ere this, has crossed the Traun, Hurling brave Hiller's army back on us, And marches on Amstetten—thirty miles Less distant from Vienna than before!
The Lord show mercy to us!    But O why Did not the Archdukes intercept the foe ?
His Highness Archduke Charles, your Majesty, After his sore repulse Bohemia-wards, Could not proceed with strength and speed enough To close in junction with the Archduke John And Archduke Louis, as was their intent. So Marshall Lannes swings swiftly on Vienna, With Oudinot's and Demont's force of foot;