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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE in                 PART SECOND
Tis good, sire ; such a swoop Will raise an obstacle to their retreat And refuge in the fastness of the isle; And show this victory-gorged adventurer That striking with a river in his rear Is not the safest tactic to be played Against an Austrian front equipt like ours!
The EMPEROR FRANCIS and others scrutinize through their glasses the positions and movements of the Austrian divisions, which appear on the plain as pale masses, emitting flashes from arms and helmets under the July rays, and reaching from the Tower of Neusiedel on the left, past Wagram, into the village of Stammersdorf on the right. Beyond their lines are spread out the darker-hued French, almost parallel to the Austrians.
Those moving masses toward the right I deem The forces of Klenau and Kollowrath, Sent to support Prince John of Lichtenstein In his attack that way?
An interval.
Now that they've gained The right there, why is not the attack begun ?
OFFICER They are beginning on the left wing, sire.
The EMPEROR resumes his glass and beholds bodies of men descending from the hills by Neusiedel, and crossing the Russbach river towards the French—a movement which has been going on for some time.
Meanwhile the French stride stoutly on our midst!
FRANCIS (turning thither)
Where we are weakest!    It surpasses me To understand why was our centre thinned To pillar up our right already strong,