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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT iv
Where nought is doing, while our left assault Stands ill-supported ?
Time passes in silence.
Yes ; it is so.    See,
The enemy strikes Rossenberg in flank, Compelling him to fall behind the Russbach!
The EMPEROR gets excited, and his face perspires.    At length he cannot watch through his glass, and walks up and down.
Penned useless here my nerves annoy my sight! Inform me what you note.I should opine The Wagram height behind impregnable ?
Another silence, broken by the distant roar of the guns.
OFFICER (at his glass)
Klenau and Kollowrath are pounding on! To turn the enemy's left with our strong right Is, after all, a plan that works out well. Hiller and Liechtenstein conjoin therein.
FRANCIS I hear from thence appalling cannonades.
'Tis theirs, your Majesty.    Now we shall see If the French read that there the danger lies.
I only pray that Bonaparte refrain
From spying danger there till all too late!
OFFICER (involuntarily, after a pause)
Ah, Heaven!