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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE in                PART SECOND
FRANCIS (turning sharply) Well, well ?    What changes figure now ?
They pierce our centre, sire!    We are, despite, Not centrally so weak as I supposed. Well done, Bellegarde!
FRANCIS (glancing to the centre)
And what has he well done ?
The French in fierce fume broke through Aderklaa; But Bellegarde, pricking along the plain behind, Has charged and driven them back disorderedly. The Archduke Charles bounds thither, as I shape, In person to support him!
The EMPEROR returns to his spyglass; and they and others watch in silence, sometimes the right of their front, sometimes the centre.
It is so!
That right attack of ours spells victory, And   Austria's   grand salvation!   .   .   .   (Time passes.)
Turn your glass,
And closely scan Napoleon and his aides Hand-galloping towards his centre-left To strengthen it against the brave Bellegarde. Does your eye reach him ?—That white horse, alone In front of those that move so rapidly.
It does, sire; though my glass can conjure not So cunningly as yours. . . . That horse must be The famed Euphrates—him the Persian king Sent Bonaparte as gift.