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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT iv
A silence. NAPOLEON reaches a carriage that is moving across. It bears MASS£NA, who, having received a recent wound, is unable to ride.
See, the white horse and horseman pause beside A coach for some strange reason rolling there. . . . That white-horsed rider—yes !—is Bonaparte, By the aides hovering round. . . . New war-wiles have been worded; we shall spell Their purport soon enough !    (An interval.)
The French take heart To stand to our battalions steadfastly, And hold their ground, having the Emperor near!
Time passes.    An aide-de-camp enters.
The Archduke Charles is pierced in the shoulder, sire ;
He strove too far in beating back the French
At Aderklaa, and was nearly ta'en.
The wound^ not serious.—On our right we win,
And deem the battle ours.
Enter another aide-de-camp.
Your Majesty,
We have borne them back through Aspern village-street
And Essling is recovered.    What counts more, Their bridges to the rear we have nearly grasped, And panic-struck they crowd the few left free, Choking the track, with cries of " All is lost! "
Then is the land delivered.    God be praised !
[Exeunt aides.
An interval, during which the EMPEROR and his companions again remain anxiously at their glasses.