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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT iv
Sire, Neusiedel has just been wrenched from us, And the French right is on the Wagram crest ; Nordmann has fallen, and Veczay: Homberg, I learn, Warteachben, Muger—almost all our best— Bleed more or less profusely!
A gloomy silence.    Exit fourth aide.    Ten minutes pass.    Enter an officer in waiting.
FRANCIS What guns are those that groan from Wagram height?
Alas, Davout's!    I have climbed the roof-top, sire, And there discerned the truth.
Cannonade  continues.     A long   interval  of   suspense.     The EMPEROR returns to his glass.
A part of it!
There seems to be a grim, concerted lunge By the whole strength of France upon our right, Centre, and left wing simultaneously!
Most viciously upon the centre, sire,
If I mistook not, hard by Sussenbrunn ;
The assault is led by Bonaparte in person,
Who shows himself with marvellous recklessness,
Yet like a phantom-fiend receives no hurt.
FRANCIS (still gazing)
Ha!    Now the Archduke Charles has seen the intent, And taken steps against it.    Sussenbrunn Must  be  the  threatened thing.    (Silence.)    What an advance!—