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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE in                 PART SECOND
Straight hitherward.    Our centre girdles them.—
Surely they'll not persist ?    Who heads that charge ? V
OFFICER They say Macdonald, sire.
Meagrest remains
Will there be soon of those in that advance! We are burning them to bones by our hot fire. They are almost circumscribed : if fully so The battle's ours !    What's that behind them, eh ?
Their last reserves, that they may feed the front, And sterilize our hope!
Yes, their reserve—
Dragoons and cuirassiers—charge in support. You see their metal gleaming as they come. Well, it is neck or nothing for them now!
It's nothing, sire.    Their charge of cavalry Has desperately failed.
Their foot press on, However, with a battery in front Which deals the foulest damage done us yet.
(Time passes.)
They are effecting lodgment, after all.
Who would have reckoned on't—our men so firm !
Re-enter first aide-de-camp. 301