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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT
The Archduke Charles retreats, your Majesty; And the issue wears a dirty look just now.
FRANCIS (gloomily)
Yes : I have seen the signs for some good while. But he retreats with blows, and orderly.
Time passes, till the sun has rounded far towards the west The features of the battle now materially change. The French have regained Aspern and Essling; the Austrian army is crumpled back from the Danube and from the heights of Wagram, which, as viewed from Wolkersdorf, face the afternoon shine, the French established thereon glittering in the rays.
FRANCIS (choking a sigh)
The  turn  has  passed.     We  are  worsted,   but   not
whelmed! . . ,
The French advance is laboured, and but slow. —This might have been another-coloured day If but the Archduke John had joined up promptly ; Yet still he lags!
ANOTHER OFFICER (lately entered)
He's just now coming, sire. His columns glimmer in the Frenchmen's rear, Past Siebenbrunn's and Loebensdorf s smoked
FRANCIS (impatiently)
Ay—coming now \    Why could he not be come \
(They watch intently.) We can see nothing of that side from here.
Enter a general officer, who speaks to the Minister at the back of the room.