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describes if) cannot be asked to learn logic at this time of day ! The spectacle of Its instruments, set to riddle ont\another through^ and then to drink togettter in peace and concord, is where the humour comes in, and makes the play worth seeing !
Come, Sprite, dont carry your ironies too far, or you may wake np the Unconscious Itself, and tempt It to let all the gory clock-work of the sJiow, run down to spite me /
The drums roll, and the men of the two nations part from their comradeship at the Alberche brook, the dark masses of the French army assembling anew, SIR ARTHUR WELLESLEY has seated himself on a mound that command * a full view of the contested hill, and remains there motionless a long time. When the French form for battle he is seen to have come to a conclusion, He mounts, gives his orders, and the aides ride off.
The French advance steadily through the sultry atmosphere, the .skirmishers in front, and the columns after, moving, yet seemingly motionless. Their eighty cannon peal out and their shots mow every space in the line of them. Up the great valley and the terraces of the hill whose fame is at that moment being woven, comes VILATTE, boring his way with foot and horse, and RUFFIN'S men following behind.
According to the order given, the Twenty-third Light Dragoons and the German Hussars advance at a chosen moment against the head of these columns. On the way they disappear.
SPIRIT OF THE PITIES Why this bedeuilment ?    What can have chanced?
// so befalls that as their chargers near The inimical wall of flesh with its iron frise, A treac/terous chasm uptrips them : zealous men And docile Jiorses roll to dismal death And horrid mutilation*