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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT
That we may do fit homage to the Prince
Who soon may shine our country's gracious king.
After a brief stillness a commotion is heard at the door, &e band strikes up the National air, and the PRINCE enters, accompanied by the rest of the visitors from the Pavilion. The guests who have been temporarily absent now crowd in, till there is hardly space to stand.
PRINCE OF WALES (wiping his face and whispering to Sheridan)
What shall I say to fit their feelings here ?
Damn me, that other speech has stumped me quite !
SHERIDAN (whispering) If heat be evidence of loy -
If what?
If heat be evidence of loyalty,
Et  csetera — something quaint like that might please '
PRINCE OF WALES (to the company)
If heat be evidence of loyalty, This room affords it truly without question; If heat be not, then its accompaniment Most surely 'tis to-night.    The news I bring, Good ladies, friends, and gentlemen, perchance You have divined already ?    That our arms— Engaged to thwart Napoleon's tyranny Over the jaunty, jocund land of Spain Even to the highest apex of our strength— Are rayed with victory!    (Cheers.)    Lengthy was the strife*