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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT v
NAPOLEON (laughing roughly)
Ha-ha!    That's frank.    And devilish cruel too!
__Well, write to your husband.    Ask him what  he
thinks, And let me know.
Indeed, sire, why should I ?
There goes the Ambassador, Prince Schwarzenberg, Successor to my spouse.    He's now the groove And proper conduit of diplomacy Through whom to broach this matter to his Court.
Do you, then, broach it through him, madame, pray ; Now, here, to-night.
I will, informally,
To humour you, on this recognizance, That you leave not the business in my hands, But clothe your project in official guise Through him to-morrow ; so safeguarding me From foolish seeming, as the babbler forth Of a fantastic and unheard of dream.
FH send Eugene to him, as you suggest.
Meanwhile prepare him.   Make your stand-point this :
Children are needful to my dynasty,
And if one woman cannot mould them for me,
Why, then, another must.
[Exit NAPOLEON abruptly.
Dancing continues.    Madame METTERNICH sits  on,  musing. Enter SCHWARZENBERG,