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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT v
This radiant revelation flicks a gleam On many circling things !—the courtesies Which graced his bearing towards our officers Amid the tumults of the late campaign, His wish for peace with England, his affront At Alexander's tedious-timed reply . . . Well, it will thrust a thorn in Russia's side, If I err not, whatever else betide !    [Exeunt.
The maskers surge into the foreground of the scene, and their motions become more and more fantastic. A strange gloom begins and intensifies, until only the high lights of their grinning figures are visible. These also, with the whole ball-room, gradually darken, and the music softens to silence.
The evening of the next day. A saloon of the Palace, with folding-doors communicating with a dining-room. The doors are flung open, revealing on the dining-table an untouched dinner, NAPOLEON and JOSEPHINE rising from it, and DE BAITSSET, chamberlain-in-waiting, pacing up and down. The EMPEROR and EMPRESS come forward into the saloon, the latter pale and distressed, and patting her eyes with her handkerchief.
The doors are closed behind them; a page brings in coffee; NAPOLEON signals to him to leave. JOSEPHINE goes to pour out the coffee, but NAPOLEON pushes her aside and pours it out himself, looking at her in a way which causes her to sink cowering into a chair like a frightened animal.
JOSEPHINE I see my doom, my friend, upon your face!
You see me bored by Cambac6res' ball.